I’m Dale

Project Manager
Customer Champion
Freelance Web Designer
Technical Consultant

Specializing In

Project Management

As a Project Manager I have learned alot about techniques and tools to help keep projects and deadlines on task. I never would of dreamed that it would have been a career for me like it has but to see a project through from start to finish is a fantastic feeling.

Web Design

Web Design for me started as a hobby for a friend and over the years has blossomed into a part-time career. To be able to look at a business and work with them on building a site that not only drives traffic but is something they are proud of is whats rewarding to me.

IT Consulting

As an IT Consultant, I have the freedom to work on multiple areas of IT and learn new advancements. I work on anything from home computer issues, medical offices, and even data recovery when needed. If there is something I do not know I am willing to learn.

Smart Home

Smart Home technology has always been a passion for me from being able to control the house thermostat remotely to being able to control all the lights, cameras and outlets from my phone. Sharing that passion with others is extremely rewarding.

My Story

The lifelong obsession started for Dale when he was 10 years old and received his first computer. Technology fascinated Dale, and it wasn’t enough that he implemented new programs and processes into his daily life—he needed to understand how it all worked.

Over the next decade, Dale could always be seen working on the latest operating system (and consequently complaining about its lack of functionality), the newest hardware and what applications could be used to make life easier.

In was only natural that Dale would continue the path and attend Pioneer Career and Technology Center. Although it was more of a review session than new information, Dale powered through and graduated in Information Technology Support.

More accreditation soon followed as Dale enrolled at the University of Phoenix. Once again, Dale excelled and received his Associates Degree in Information Technology Support.

Because of Dale’s experience, he assists in project management and with technical marketing tasks at MAXtech. He really shines at Web Development, and his impacts are immediately noticed on every single website he touches.

When Dale is not engineering amazing websites for clients, he enjoys swimming, working outside in nature and boating.

Work Experience

Max Tech 2015 - Current

Front end developer, WordPress site management, Digital Marketing and Web Project manager, Web Hosting management & support.

IT Consulting 2012 - Current

Maintain IT Infrastructure, as well as in house IT staff support for Medical, Buisness and Residential customers

Impact Hosting 2009 - 2010

Provided Hosting support, as well as web hosting billing and collections. Provide in-house technical support and infrastructure management.

Continual Education

University of Phoenix / 2011-2013

Associates Degree in Information Technology

Pioneer Career and Technology Center / 07-09

Information Technology Support Certificate

My Recent Work

Skills & Interests

  • Project Management
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Consulting
  • Home Automation
  • Drone Photography

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What People are saying.

I met Dale when after our server with over 2500 AutoCad files became corrupted.  Many frantic phone calls to the hard drive manufacturer, Best Buy, etc. they all told me that it was useless, the files were gone.  My last ditch effort was a recommendation from a friend.  I called Dale.  He never made any promises but worked tirelessly through the night and after about 12 hours, he called me at 6:00am to tell me that he had recovered every single file!  Needless to say Dale has been our IT guru for the past 4 years!  He has taken our office of mismatched, outdated equipment to a fully functioning complete with offsite backup.  He has a client for life!
Kathy Grantonic

Owner, Phoenix Design Eng.

You will find, that Dale is a dedicated team member who is always punctual and reliable. No challenge is to great within Dale’s many areas of expertise. With great dedication, he is always eager to learn and expand upon his many assets. His professional communication skills, will make him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Taylor Snow

Product Manager, Efficio Solutions

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