Studio Manager

As studio owners we faced the challenge of finding customers finished pieces at pick up. Items were not shelved together and we spent a lot of time reading tickets and searching for pieces. We needed a solution and Studio Manager was born.

Export Customer Data

The customer database is easily imported into any email marketing system.

Cut down on forgetful pickups

Studio Manager notifies your customer that their order is ready for pickup, reminding them and getting their masterpieces out of your studio sooner.

Dedicated Support

Our highly knowledgable support team is on standby for any issues that may arise.

Our Features

Easily shelve orders

The shelf orders screen makes it easy when you unload the kiln by just looking at the images and choosing a shelf. Once a shelf is chosen Studio Manager notifies your customer that their order is ready for pickup, reminding them to come in and get their masterpieces out of your studio sooner.

Our Features

Easily track issues

Has a customer ever picked up and the bank plug is missing? Studio manager tracks which staff member shelved the order allowing you to track ongoing issues and allow you to resolve it.

Optimized for tablet (ipad preffered)

Cloud based allowing anytime access


Need additional Features?

Let us know how we can make your Studio Manager a better fit for you and your staff and we may be able to accomidate you for a small fee.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Studio Manager has really streamlined our tracking system. It’s easy for staff to use and makes them accountable for keeping our shelves organized. Customers like the ease of pick up and the reminder email. It’s great for the busy holiday season!

Troy Myers

Hot Pots Pottery

We have ditched paper tickets for tracking!!! My staff loves it! We like knowing what shelf to look on for customer pieces at pick up and that there is a picture to identify them, making pick up a lot faster. We use an iPad for the customers to fill out information and the staff uses the desktop (located at our pick up area) for shelving pieces once dremeled. Customers getting the email that their pieces are ready is a huge bonus. It’s easy for customers to use and they like the idea of getting pick up emails.

Emily Rhodes

Polka Dot Pot


Let us know how we can help or schedule a demo.

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